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this and gets involved. >> the impact on people's wallets in san francisco. >> you can be part of the new on-line revolution the push to make the day after super bowl a national holiday. and good evening. off the plane and tonight, the 49ers are are resting in their hotel in new orleans. they are just days away from super bowl 47 and hopefully, their six nfl championship in team history. cbs 5 sports director, dennis o'donell is live in the superdome with more, dennis? >> i heard you say the 49ers are resting in their hotel. you know it is 1:00 right now. we feel we are in the same position but we have a days to go. game day live on location. the rest of the country is very intrigued about collin. and, tonight, all of the cameras were focused in on the 49er quarterback as he sat town at the podium. and, when you think about the 49ers of the 1980s. joe montana, rice, john taylor
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and roger craig. here comes collin introducing a college offense to the super bowl. >> duthink the over fence in -- did you think the offense in college would work in the nfl? >> i thought it would work to some exat the present time but not every play. there are too many guys good on defense here at this level. >> a comfortable factor. we have been here, we stayed in this hotel. we have done all that. we know the short ride over there. so, go over there and play. i mean this type of game i don't think you are are worried about those type of factors. roll with the punches and get off and play. >> do you think your players need to ease off on the pressure or are they okay no matter what with it? >> well, the, shawn had a quote on the the quote board about 2- 1/2 weeks ago that said we get
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fresher under pressure. so, that is good for us. >> fresher under pressure, great saying. coming up on game day live at 11:35. eric davis, remember our former color analyst? >> yes. >> he will be on the show. he will be talking about his experience. in fact, eric was a 49er the last time they played in the super bowl when they beat san diego in miami. way back in 1995. >> way back then. >> hey, dennis, no rest for you until february 4th and then hopefully you will come back for a parade. >> i am going to about at 2:00 or 3:00. that is okay, it will be the super bowl. >> okay, thank you, we have you covered on everything super bowl, i promise. from dennis to morning ache or we will have live reports upon until the big game. michelle will join us starting
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at 4:30. she and dennis will cross paths. she will be on this morning. well, before the 9 news landed in the big easy they got a send off in the south bay. chopper 5 boarded a delta charter. a couple fire trucks bid farewell, we were there as fans turned out to say good luck. >> one by one the players stepped out of their training facility on sunday morning to board the bus to get to the airplane that would ultimately land them in new orleans for the super bowl. and, what will troyly be the ride of their lives. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: outside of the 49ers fences in santa clara dozens of fans waited to see their team off. >> had to come out here and support the game, support the 49ers. they are going all of the way, baby. yay! >> it is history. something he will be able to take with him for the rest of his life. he was out here, supporting his team. >> all of the people that were
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out here had their own special messages for the team. >> you know, the quest for 6 it will happen. >> keep doing what you are doing, you have great fans cheering you on. >> good luck and play hard. don't give up on yourself. >> reporter: the fans were kept out of sight as the players boarded. as media we were let in instructed not to ask any questions. here is collin having fun on his way to the chartered coach. jim harbaugh kept a lower pro file. an exclusive shot of the coach before he boarded the bus. >> reporter: back autoother side of of the fence, fans did not mind waiting, the anticipation worked. >> i have been watching a repeat of the last game. it is so great. >> and when the buses finally rolled passed the crowds they did their best to show their love. >> because it is good luck. [ laughter ] >> the more they cheer on the more they are going to win. >> as they drove out of sight on route to the big easy, fans did not need a reminder, nobody
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got it better than us. in santa clara, back to you. >> reporter: super bowl means big money for the city hosting the game but the bay area stands to win, too. don is in san francisco with a look at how the 9ers hometown can cash in, don? >> reporter: yes, the town that hosts the sup iser bowl does well but what about the hometowns of the teams in the super bowl? >> they do, too. what is a super bowl worth to the rest of us? economists tried to estimate the value come up with big numbers like $435 million for host city, new orleans, another one claims people in the hometown of the super bowl contender like san francisco get an income boost of $120 a year in personal income, why? because we feel better about ourselvess? >> it is good for the economy. absolutely it is good for the economy. you know, this is a
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relationship between mood and spending. when people feel good they tend to spend more. >> they feel good right now. >> they feel really good right now. very excited right now. >> this are are the obvious things that fly off of the shelves here in san francisco like t-shirts and anything that helps folks identify with the 49erss. an estimate that fans nationally will spend $11 billion. including 51 million cases of beer and 5 million new television sets. >> in general, san francisco should be a little more active, lively, optimistic mace. all of those things are good for consumer spending. >> reporter: then, the stuff fans to well watching the game. consuming 125 million pounds of chicken wings. what is the psychology behind that? >> when we are in a situation like this that is just gripped the emotions of the entire city, really, nobody is left behind. everybody in some way is
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affected by this. >> reporter: and intangible pay offs like the image of america's favoritism rit city. >> certainly winning the super bowl, at least recognition of the city. so, even if you are not a sports fan you are thinking about san francisco a bit more. we are getting a little more press right now. >> reporter: winning is good for the soul of the community and certainly the economy as well. ann? >> don, thank you very much. of course you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the super bowl right here on cbs 5 in just one week, kick off is at 3:30. >> crews are going through the task of identifying the bodies of the 230 people who died in a night chub fire. it broke out in santa marieia, witnesses say -- maria. witnesses say a band member on the stage lit a flare or firework moments before the place went up. security guards stopped people from getting out because they thought patrons were trying to
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leave without paying bills and people could not get out because bodies piled up by the door. checking bay area head hines, the police continue to search for suspects in a drive- by shooting directly across from the facebook campus. a 24-year-old mother and 2-year- old son were hit in the hail of gunfire last night at 8:00. their wounds are not life- threatening but they are are looking for a grown hopbda. someone in that -- green honda, they say someone in that car opened fire. the police identified the third homicide vehicle as 44- year-old donald harvey, he was stabbed to death on south side drive. four to five suspects attacked him for unknown reasons. they say this is no evidence that the stabbing was gang related. a reward is offered for information. the grace period is over for sunday meter parking in san francisco. the police began tickets
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drivers today after 3 weeks of warnings. ening free parking. the city expects to add millions to the muni budget. after all of the super bowl partying, it is tough to go to work. the movement to keep you out of the office the monday after the big game. >> not only the 49ers capturing the attention of the fans but others that had people lining up. >> and in the weather center, good evening, everybody. today, highs in the 50ss. tonight, dropping below freezing, again. and then we will pinpoint the day that will be the warmest as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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biggest game of their lives... and they carry their own bags. it's no sec check this out. rich athletes on their way to the richest game of their lives and they carry their own bags. flee secret they might be packing a lucky charm in all of that luggage. we here at cbs 5 are curious. what lucky charm would you pack? >> oh, man, the beanie right here. my grandpa gave it to me, from the '80s. >> my jersey that my brother gave me. all black, red numbers. it is -- go 9ers. i have been a 9ers fan since i was young. >> if you are going to wear
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your colors that would be a good luck charm, in my opinion. >> here are fan photos to share with you. karen, passing down her love for the 49erss to her granddaughters, you can see, here is 18-month-old evan celebrating the win last weekend with dad. and we are seeing lots of pet pictures but nothing like this before this. baby collin on top here. both rooting for the 49ers, of course, finally, here, showing you we are not bias, a 9erss fan and a ravens fan showing they can may nice and take a picture in washington, d.c. all right, keep your fan photos coming. e-mail them at super bowl weekend is already an untpurbl holiday. there is a petition to change that. the pel teug points out 111 million americans watched last year's super bowl. making super bowl monday the
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holiday the streets will be safer at night and people will be more productive on tuesday and people we spoke to agrees. >> it is all about beyonce. yes, new orleans, houston, beyonce, a 3-day festival. >> i believe it should be a national holiday. most people like myself and the working class of america have to work and i feel like we should have the day off to celebrate our fellow san franciscoians go 49ers. >> don't count on taking next monday off. the petition has around 2600 signatures and that is well short of the 100,000 needed for the white house to even take a look at it. football players and coaches never too early to start thinking about the super bowl. grade school kids were out in san mathey kwroe for nag
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football. , and that is the alma moder of tom brady. >> we were trying to figure out who we were going to cheer for. tom brady or the 49ers. now we will have it all on the 9erss. >> the flag football program is for kids pre-k to 6th grade and boys and girls can play. fans of the oakland a's are pulling for a niner's win. the oakland a's sold out their fan fest today. and fans lined up for a chance to see some of their favorite players close-up. but it seems no matter who your team is, everyone is pulling for the 49ers. >> i have a good feeling. rooting for the bay. i don't think they are going to disappoint. >> next sunday, i want the niners to take it. cap is a local boy from where i am from. >> last season is the oakland a's best in almost a decade.
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they ended up losing to the tigers in the post season. spring training starts in just a few weeks. this is a great time to be a bay area sports fan. >> always. >> yes. always a great time to be a bay area sports fan. can you smell it in the air? >> what? >> baseball. oh. [ laughter ] >> after next weekend we are talking baseball. >> yes. >>and you were talking about covering my plants earlier. >> yes. yes, today, highs in the 50s and lots of blue skies and then tonight, once the sun did set official he at 5:27 this is what we saw. wow! full moon. gorgeous. and the next time we will see another full moon will be on february 25th. now, again, today, one suspect temperature across the bay area. 65 in napa reported by the national weather service, otherwise everyone was well into the 50s. a couple of degrees below average for this time. but, right now, clear skies, san francisco, and the temperatures have been dropping
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quickly. 47 degrees in san francisco. 42 in santa rosa. currently in the middle 40s at mountain view tonight. overnight, dipping into the middle 30s, notice, the freezing areas in concord, below freezing, livermore, below freezing in santa rosa. near freezing in sanoma and napa. so obviously we with will have a little spotty frost, tomorrow morning, for the commute and the extended forecast causes for a dry and warmer weather pattern. the area of low pressure banging up along the northwest. bringing rain and even some light snow into the cascades. otherwise, north western part of the state also with dicey precipitation, we have the area of low pressure to the east of us now. high pressure builds in. drying out nicely. even though the future cast watches it tick on by. light rainfall off of the coast. that is where it stays. we had the dry weather pattern each and every day all of the way through the seven-day forecast. that will be profiled in a
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matter of minutes. but first thing is first, your air quality for monday. good to check before you burn. but, we should have really descent air quality due to northwest wind. 10 to 20 miles an hour. late day. this is the central valley temperatures in the middle 50s. lingering snow flurries, back in yosemite or otherwise upper 70s from eureka. our numbers, up a couple of degrees, in comparison to today. 50s, low 60s around peplryville and oakland and berk he as well. 56. -- marysville and oakland and berkeley as well. 56. the warmest day during the workweek will be on wednesday. otherwise tporplgs ahead to the beak end. throwing a few chowds in the forecast. partly sunny, slightly above temperatures, who will know? everyone will be indoors. watching cbs 5 and super bowl featuring the 49ers. >> all righty. go team. >> thank you very much. >> all right, a film about oscar grant, who was killed by
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a b.a.r.t officer, is getting acclaim. it won an award at the sundance film festival
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sundance film festival. "why dont you take the train?" - a drama about th the movie about oscar grant has take twoepb top prizes at the sundance film festival. >> why don't you take the train out there? >> reporter: the drama about the last day in the life of grant won both the grand jury prize and audience award in the u.s. dramatic's competition. first time director is from san francisco. b.a.r.t police officer shot and killed grant at the station back in 2009. another big award for the
11:21 pm
movie "argo" the cia thriller won the top honor tonight for cast of a motion picture. it has a best drama golden globe award and yesterday the best picture award from the producers guild. it makes it a favorite for the oscars. -- we'll be right back.
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according to the lundberg survey of fuel prices: the average price of a gallon of gas has gone up two cents in the past two weeks. nationally, the average price gas prices are inching higher. the average price of a gallop of gas has gone up 2cents in two weeks. nationally $3.34. california has the highest price, $3.61 up 3 cents. the lowest in the state is stockton at $3.47 a gallon. going up the price of a stamp. the cash-strapped u.s. postal service is raising the price of a stamp to 46 cents. postcards climbed a penny to 33 cents. shipping service rates are going up 4%. the high comes as the post office finds itself billions of dollars in debt. we'll be right back.
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and don't forget about "game day" live from new orleans, minutes away
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. siabu ( syboo ) is a new mom at fresno's chaffee zoo. this weekend, zoo keepers gave her a big box with two blankets representing the baltimore sports predictions. a new mom at fresno's zoo. this weekend zoo keepers gave her a big box and two blankets representing the ravens and the 49ers. look who she picked? within seconds she picked the
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49ers over the ravens. but, be aware 9ers fan, she has only gotten her picks right 50% of the time. >> we only need her to be right this time for news that is it for us, have a good night. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ ♪
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